This is My Story

Raychelle Meyers was born and raised in an impoverished neighborhood in Fort Worth, TX. While growing up, she and her family lived in a rundown home built by

her great-grandfather. As her older sisters left home, Raychelle and her brother remained with their stay-at-home mother and their entrepreneur father. Raychelle's father started several businesses, however, many of them failed. Often times the family struggled and would go without lights or water when business was slow. Eventually, Raychelle's father started a successful carpentry business. However, sadly, he soon became ill and passed away from Lung Cancer in 1987. As he died,

so did his business. Worst of all, he left his wife a widow and his children fatherless. Soon after, due to tax issues, they were forced to move out of their home, which was later demolished.


Seven years later, Raychelle took on the challenge to break the chain of poverty in her family and started a business. As a daddy's girl, inspired by her father's hard work and dedication, Raychelle started her own private child care business at the age of 23. The business was designed to care for children of busy corporate moms. The business ran successfully for 4 years. Unfortunately, after 4 years the business closed due to landlord property issues. Weeks later, Raychelle began working as a Teacher's Assistant at a Head Start Program. A few months later, she was promoted from child care teacher to the Corporate office as USDA Nutrition Monitor. After 5 dedicated years with the company, she resigned in 2008 and started a nonprofit organization called Apples & Oranges Corp. At Apples & Oranges Corp, youth learn empowerment through food & nutrition, leadership classes, youth entrepreneurial classes, and money management skills. 

Raychelle has accumulated 20 years of experience in business, training women entrepreneur Today, she oversees an operating budget of $2 million, while managing

over 50 poverty-fighting programs in Texas. Along with this, she is the founder of Elevate HER Business Academy.


In 2016, she became a Film Producer and worked with Maximum Achievement DNA Films, a 5-Time Emmy Award-winning film company. Her first film as a Producer was The Soul of Success: The Jack Canfield Story. She is currently working on her second documentary film called Secure the Legacy, scheduled to be release January 2021.

In 2018, she became a High Ticket Closer, closing high ticket packages for influencers across the globe. She's a part of Dan Lok's High Ticket Closer Inner

Circle Program and have been highly trained to close on high-end service packages ranging from 10k to and up.

Raychelle is the author of the books, Confined Minds: Break-Free from Imprisoned Thoughts and Boss Girls in the Boardroom. She's currently writing her third book and first novel, Thugs in Skirts. She's been featured in major magazines and publications like Forbes, USA Today, Huffington Post, Encore HD Magazine, Voyage Dallas Magazine, and International Magazine in China, BridgeAfrique Magazine. She's been featured on a variety of radio show across the globe. 


Raychelle's been a guest speaker at the University of Arlington Texas and featured inside the University's Shorthorn Newspaper where she shared her expertise on local child hunger and how her organization fights hunger in communities across Texas.

She's was featured on TV Show "Times Square Today" in the heart of New York Times Square, that was later aired on NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX News.  

Today, she and her husband, Ulysses, live in the DFW area of Texas. Together they have two adult children and two grandchildren. In October 2017, the couple adopted their daughters two children, Julian and Legend. In spite of a busy schedule, Raychelle take time to enjoy her family. She loves teaching, traveling, reading, writing, photography, camping, and singing. 


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