Top 5 Secrets Weapons That Make Women Great Leaders

Being surrounded around a hard working, strong-willed, and focused driven woman, (my mom) has given me a jump start and visual on what great leadership looks like. I’m proud to say, leadership is a natural skill passed down from generations. After the death of my dad in June 1987, my mom took control of the family leading as a widow and single mom. She worked 2 jobs, managed the home, handled school affairs, and went to church. She was the master of multi-tasking, and she didn’t stop until she finished. One thing is for certain; had I not seen my mom as a leader of our family, I would not have the skills to lead and influence as a leader today. I’m the product of my mother’s leadership style; I’ve found the best women leaders are those who are well-rounded and balanced. Leading with a bossy and know-it-all type attitude is not an effective way to lead. It’s about listening, asking questions, empowering, and exceeding expectations.

Here are the Top 5 Secrets Weapons That Make Women Great Leaders

1.Focus: As women in leadership many hats are worn so you must avoid typical distractions in order to remain focused. Simple distractions can wait. Focus is the key to thinking and you must use the following to think: memory, perception, reasoning, decision making, and problem-solving. To be focused is tackling challenges head on, finding the right approach, and making sure you select the right people to complete a task.

2. Passion: I believe women leaders are just passionate adventurer of excellence. They're great at spreading passion to others. They are risk takers, motivators, and visionaries. I’ve found being around passionate women is highly contagious as they’re typically high-energy leaders and can easily ignite a crowd of people. They are passionate about their mission and are very pervasive.

3. Confidence: Confidence, you either have it or you don’t, there’s no in-between. Leaders with confidence are self-aware and surround themselves with people who are smarter than they are. The ability to make tough decisions provides authority, validates confidence, and your ability to influence others.

4. Patience: In a world of technology where the demands are high and the pressure to produce with speed to get immediate results is in high demand; we must have patience as leaders. Often we make snap and poor decisions that we later regret due to the spoiled mentality of believing everything “instant”, or an “overnight success”. Great leaders allow success progress to deliver in its own time.

5. Integrity: Every human being is born with a conscience and therefore the ability to know right from wrong. Choosing right, regardless of the consequences of any situation is the gateway to integrity. True leaders are honest and do not try to please others, they’re straight forward and have good character. Women leaders with integrity do not place their own selfish desires above everyone else. Women who lead with integrity are not easily angered; instead learn from it and move forward.

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