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        Sundance Plaza

        505 Main Street

           Suite 04-102 

    Fort Worth, TX 76102







                                  Our Mission


                           Empower and educate women entrepreneurs how to create generational wealth. 

                   Elevate HER is a unique business academy designed to assist

                   women entrepreneurs by creating custom generational wealth 

                   packages that ensures the financial security of their businesses and

                   protects their assets. 


           We also provide additional courses geared to elevate your business

           to the next level. When you enroll in our business courses you'll get all

           the support you need to grow your business.

   We provide exclusive business courses once a month. All speciality

   courses are by appointment only.


                                                             Monthly Courses

                                           *  Becoming a Business Professional

                                           *  Cashflow While I Sleep

                                           *  The Power of Business Collaboration



     Speciality Courses


  * Custom Generational Wealth Packages

  * NonProfit Start-Up Business



  Business Online Course

                                                                            SMART Leaders - Fall 2021